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Comfort Recliner

We know you love recliners, just not everything about them. So our award-winning engineers embarked on a two-year mission to create the ultimate in relaxation. We're proud to bring you the American Leather Comfort Recliner featuring a personal, infinite-position system that adjusts to your exact comfort needs. The Infinity System features a back and footrest that operate independent of each other and stop in any position, a fully adjustable headrest pillow and a height-adjustable base. All this is wrapped up in an elegant look that brings style to any room in your home. There are even four sizes to choose from and hundreds of fabrics and leather choices to complete your look. The American Leather Comfort Recliner is a recliner for people who take their relaxation seriously.
Comfort Recliner

All Comfort Recliners

Comfort Recliner - Comfort-Recliner Ava Comfort Recliner
Ava Comfort Recliner
Comfort Recliner - Comfort-Recliner Brayden Comfort Recliner
Brayden Comfort Recliner
Comfort Recliner - Comfort-Recliner Chloe Comfort Recliner
Chloe Comfort Recliner
Comfort Recliner - Comfort-Recliner Drew Comfort Recliner
Drew Comfort Recliner
Comfort Recliner - Comfort-Recliner Ella Comfort Recliner
Ella Comfort Recliner
Comfort Recliner - Comfort-Recliner Finley Comfort Recliner
Finley Comfort Recliner
Comfort Recliner - Comfort-Recliner Gavin Comfort Recliner
Gavin Comfort Recliner

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