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Happily Ever After Pillow

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In the children's books, the fairy tale ends with the princess finally getting her man. As we get older, we realize that "happily ever after" isn't at all where the story ends, but rather, just when it begins. Perfect for wedding or anniversary gifts. Ever wonder what happened to all those water bottles after you tossed them in the recycling bin? Some of them became a pillow. All of the felt and polyfill used to make Alexandra Ferguson products is made from 100% recycled plastic PET containers. 10 water bottles makes l lb. of fiber. An average pillow, including the insert, weighs between 1-2 lbs, so go ahead and get hydrated. Drinking a bottle of water now makes your skin beautiful, as well as your home.

Dimensions:  16'' Square

Lead Time:   Special Order 4 Weeks

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Price:  $99.95

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