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Jensen-Lewis Chelsea Showroom

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Jensen-Lewis Showroom 1
This is looking south on the Calligaris shop from the corner of 16th and 7th Avenue.
Jensen-Lewis Showroom 2
This is the main entrance to our store at 89 Seventh Avenue.
Jensen-Lewis Showroom 3
This is our main showroom floor. As you can see we focus quite a bit on leather and upholstered goods.
Jensen-Lewis Showroom 4
This is another picture of our main showroom floor. Again, more upholstered leather and upholstered sofas and chairs.
Jensen-Lewis Showroom 5
Again, another picture of the main showroom floor.
Jensen-Lewis Showroom 6
This is the grouping that we show at the Southwest corner of our showroom. Note the Zatana from Dellarobbia.
Jensen-Lewis Showroom 7
This is the Baronet gallery. What is shown here is only a fraction of the beds we carry.
Jensen-Lewis Showroom 8
This is the beginning of the Calligaris shop as you walk through the tunnel that connects 89 and 91 Seventh Avenue.
Jensen-Lewis Showroom 9
This is the Northwest corner of the Calligaris Shop. The colors make this section of the store absolutely beautiful.
Jensen-Lewis Showroom 10
This is another view of the Calligaris Shop. We show many extendable dining tables and chairs as you can see from the last 3 pictures.
Jensen-Lewis Showroom 11
Here is a section largely dedicated to Dellarobbia. We hope you enjoyed our mini store tour. If you need directions to our store, please click here.

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