BDI Sola Multifunction Cabinet

Sola Multifunction Cabinet



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Making the most out of a compact space, this mobile multifunction cabinet includes a storage drawer, adjustable shelf, pull-out printer tray and locking file storage drawer.

Having all of the necessary tools on hand makes any workday go more smoothly. The Sola mobile multifunction cabinet can easily slide to wherever it is needed most, keeping everyday supplies and files within reach.

An inconspicuous lock secures the file drawer, keeping its contents organized and secure. A pullout tray with an adjustable paper storage shelf above it provides convenient access to a printer or all-in-one.

Ideally sized for a compact home office, the Sola office collection includes the 6853 Lift Standing Desk and the 6817 Multifunction Cabinet.

Meticulously crafted from a combination of solid walnut hardwood and veneers, the 6817 mobile cabinet is a beautiful and highly functional addition to any office space.

Locking wheels allow the Sola multifunction cabinet to be easily moved where needed - and secured firmly in place when desired.


Dimensions - 26''w x 18''d x 35.75''h