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BDI Bevel Writing Desk

Bevel Writing Desk

6743 DOK


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the Bevel Writing Desk is a compact writing and computer desk that features a unique writing surface and softly angular design, creating an appealing and comfortable workspace.

Bevel is ideally suited for a variety of everyday tasks. Whether you are sitting down to pay the bills, commenting on your favorite blog, or writing the next great novel, Bevel provides the style and functionality needed to get things done.

Great wherever space is limited, Bevel packs a lot of function into a small and attractive footprint.

A mezzanine storage tray can be positioned anywhere along the top tier of the desk, keeping everyday office supplies close at hand.

Lined with non-slip material, the storage drawer can be positioned on the left or right side of the desk.

The smooth angle on the desk's front edge provides comfortable wrist support while typing.

Included wire wraps mount under the rear of the desk, making it easy to keep unruly wires and cables under control.

A modesty panel complements seated use, allowing Bevel to float in a room if desired.

The Forbo linoleum desktop surface provides a muted matte appearance and is resistant to spills and fingerprints.