Investing in better quality furniture.

The old saying Quality does not cost it pays is especially true when it comes to purchasing furniture. Most of us purchase furniture with the intention that it will last more than a few years. Making a purchase of quality home furnishings that has a higher initial cost will almost always cost less in the long run. We often tell our clients that we are selling future heirlooms. Pieces that will pass through generations. Furniture that is built to last. With the wave of inexpensive furniture that has flooded the marketplace it can be confusing as to what represents true quality.

When we look for product, one of the first things we look for is the value to cost ratio. Is the product meant to last a few seasons or for years and years to come. Purchasing quality the first time is much better for the environment as well. With landfills filling up with inexpensive, toxic chemicals you are doing your part in preserving our ecosystem.

Solid wood furniture indeed costs more than wood veneers over particle board but the advantages are many. Solid wood furniture is more durable, easily customizable, and comes from responsibly harvested and environmentally friendly factories.

Exeter Dining Table

When looking for fabric or leather upholstery, the first thing to look for is the sturdiness of the frame and cushions. When you sit down does the cushion depress enough to offer lumbar support or does it drop down to the deck? When getting out of the seating does the cushion have memory and return to its original position? What is the quality of the covering? For fabric what is the composition? Many of today's better fabrics are high performance fabrics. Fabrics that are engineered to repel stains and heavy use. These are family and pet friendly and will perform much longer than conventional fabrics. Crypton, Sunbrella, Dorosuede, and Ultrasuede are some of the best examples.

Covering Choices - Fabric Rolls

For leather upholstery insist on genuine top grain leather on the entire piece. Less expensive options are leather splits but these do not have elasticity of top grain leather and cause stress on seams. Today's better tanneries incorporate stain and water protection in the tanning and dyeing process.

Finally, better quality furniture allows you to customize your furnishings to express your personality and lifestyle. With infinite design possibilities, your home will be your sanctuary.