Measuring Furniture for Fit

Will it fit?
First you will need the total dimensions of the furniture you are purchasing. You will need the overall depth, width and height. Please be aware that all measurements online are approximate and can vary slightly between different models and/or configurations. In addition to dimensions of the furniture, you will need specific dimensions of your entranceways, hallways, elevators, stairs and anything in the complete path to your home.
A - Measure for FitB-C - Measuring for Fit

In these diagrams, the dimensions lettered can be no larger than the corresponding spaces. These measurements are meant to be a guideline and do not guarantee entry.
Door Diagram - Measuring for FitHall Diagram - Measuring for Fit

A - Diagonal Back Measurement
B+C - Overall Longest Dimension

In the event that you realize that something you have purchased will not fit or if you have any questions, please contact us immediately at 212-434-0990.