Innovation Osvald Sofa Bed

Osvald Sofa Bed



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The Osvald design is softly rounded and minimalistic. A design in which both simplicity, high comfort and storage has been the primary goal. Storage is a main part of the challenge of living in a few square meters, and Osvald is equipped with a large bedding box, designed to help solve exactly this challenge. Osvald features legs that automatically fold out when converted into a bed, ensuring a durable, convenient and fast operation from sofa to occasional bed. Osvald measures 59” x 79” as a bed when unfolded. If you only require a resting space for 1 person, simply remove the cushions and a single bed of 31” x 79” is ready in just few seconds.

Sofa Dimensions - 79"w x 41"d x 34"h

Bed Size - 31-59'' x 79" x 17"h