Innovation Dublexo Stainless Steel Sofa Bed With Arms

Dublexo Stainless Steel Sofa Bed With Arms



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The Dublexo sofa bed serves you well in either upright, relaxed or flat position effectively utilizing limited living space. The creative, flexible and functional design creates a sofa bed that adapt to any mood as its three step elevation easily transforms the sofa to a temporary bed. Dublexo’s soft comfort is achieved by a dual pocket spring comfort on a long-lasting steel frame while the slightly rounded armrests offer a unique lounge comfort. No matter what, Dublexo will serve as an attractive, delightful and comfortable sofa bed for years to come. Advantageously, add the Dublexo chair for a full modular concept that will serve as comfortable one-seater or moveable chaise lounge when placed against the sofa.

Sofa Dimensions - 95"w x 36"d x 32"h

Bed Size - 45" x 83" x 17"h